Punjab Fishery is a project of Punjab Village. Our 3 acre fish farm is ideal for boating and fishing. Our trained team do not compromise on quality. We provide safe and fresh fishery resources all your round.  Please look for our logo next time you go to a supermarket.

Healthy Atmosphere

Our fish pounds are surrounded by the healthy and fresh atmosphere. You can feel the noticeable natural beauty on the 4 sides of Punjab Fishery.

lay out & Dimension

The dimensions of an industrial fish farm matters for the healthy fish. We have different sized fish ponds for the fishes of different age.

Eye Catching View

Punjab Fishery is surrounded by eye-catching natural views. Due to deep & wide ponds it is ideal for boating too. Once visit this place if you like to visit naturally beautiful places.

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Punjab Fishery is an ideal place for those who love fishing and boating. Here are some pictures of this beautiful place surrounded by agriculture land. You will feel something more than fishing.

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